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Our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) gives advice on some common problems you might encounter. You’ll find the answers to most questions here. But if you need further help, please contact us. But first, here’s a snapshot of what you can do on

I. Services & Functions
My Groups
My Contacts
My Invites
My Profile
My Diary
My Settings
Category Information
Design Activity
Search Acitivty
Search Activity Partners
Activity Preferences
Design Group
Search Groups
Group Profiles
Special Deals
My Groups
This is where you get a complete view of all groups that you either have started or are a member of.

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My Contacts
Managing your social life is all about managing your contacts and this is the place to do it.

It’s your doorway into communicating with your circle of friends and inviting others to your activities and groups.

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My Invitations
Here is where you keep track of all the events and activities that you’ve been invited to as well as invitations that you’ve sent to others.

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My Profile
Your profile describes who you are and lets others know why they want to know you!

Here’s an overview of what your profile contains:

Your photo (easily uploaded using our Photo Upload Wizard).
A description of who you are and what you’re all about.
Demographic and personal information including your age, gender, the area where you live, education, and anything else you want other members to know about you. No addresses or phone numbers please!
Your Activity Preferences so other members can find you when they’re planning activities and events that are a good match for you. (More on this below.)
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My Diary
My Diary keeps track of your current month’s activities. Entries that appear in red indicate activities you’ve signed up to participate in

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My Settings
We know that you never want to miss out on a thing and My Service Settings is here to make sure that you don’t. Simply select your notification preferences and we’ll let you know whenever new activities are posted or new members join. Choose your notification device which includes e-mail, message board or SMS. You can get your notifications in real-time or batch mode. Of course, you can turn notifications off completely if you want and we won’t bother you at all.

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Category Information
We’ve created special landing pages for these most popular activity categories:

Arts and Performance
Lifestyle and Leisure
Use these pages to get an instant look at all Members, Activities, Groups and Hot Deals related to each category.

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Start Activity
One of the best parts of being a member is that you don’t have to wait to be invited to join other activities. You can create as many of your own as you want!

As a member you can create – and organize – as many Activities (Activity Profiles) as you like, choose the number and kind of people you’d like to have join in, and invite other members to join.

Public activities are available for any member to sign up and join, but you can control who gets to participate by creating a Private activity if you choose.

Creating a public or private activity is as simple as filling out the Activity Profile form and providing these details:

Name of Activity
Type of Activity
Activity Date, Time and Location
Activity description so members can read what it’s all about and decide if they want to participate.
The minimum and maximum number of members that are allowed to join.
Activity Partners or Planner’s Profile
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Search Activity
You can easily find all available activities that are open to you by entering key words, date ranges, geographic locations and other search criteria. Other than getting invited to an activity directly, it’s the fastest and easiest way to fill your free time with fun and exciting things to do!

Once you locate an interesting activity you can view the Activity Profile to get all the details.

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Search Activity Partners
It’s easy to find other members to participate in your activities. Our Activity Partner Search Engine lets you search by Interests, Age, Geographic Location and other custom-specified parameters

You can also drill down to filter in or out members by various criteria. For example, you can filter level of proficiency for things like diving or sports activities as well as their favourite places to play, preferred activity days and other member-specific information.

Once you locate suitable activity partners, inviting them to participate is fast and simple.

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Activity Preferences
Let our members know what you like to do and your social calendar will fill up quickly. This is where you tell everyone:

Your Preferred Activities (choose from drop-down list).
Proficiency Level for each chosen activity preference.
Your Favourite Venues for partying and playing.
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Start Group
An Activity Group is a group designed by a socialscene member called the Group Owner- And can have a limited or unlimited number of group members.

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Search Groups
You can find groups just as easily as you can activity partners. Just use our Activity Group search engine and then go get dressed!

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Group Profile
The Group Profile lets you display all of the group’s relevant information including:

Type of group or activity
Name of group
A custom photo that you upload, or one of our stock photos
A description of the group’s purpose
Whether the group is public or private
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Special Deals
We’re always looking for the best deals on products and services that will appeal to our members. When we discover them, they’re posted on the Hot Deals page for all to see. Check back often because we update this page regularly.

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II. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What is SocialScene and how does it work?
  • What are the memebers like?
  • Do I have to be single to join?
  • Why should I join?
  • How much does memebership cost?
  • How do I join?
  • How do I cancel my membership?
  • What happens if I cancel?
  • What happens if one of my Activity Group owners cancels their membership?
  • How do I communicate with other members?
  • How do I manage my contacts, messages and invitations?
  • Can I change a Group Profile?
  • Why can’t I log in?
  • How do I add a new category or sub-category for my activity?
  • How do I become a Affiliate Or Trader?
  • How do I find out about the “Hot Deals”?
  • How do I resign from an activity or group?
  • How do I know how many members live in my area?
  • I still have a question. What can I do?
  • What Is and how does it work? really is the The Fastest and Easiest way to build a world-wide networks of friends, explore new relationships, get out of the house…

… and have a great time doing it!

And we’ll prove it to you for FREE! Just take our Tour and see for yourself! is a social networking site where you can meet new people, exchange messages, participate in discussion groups and fill your social calendar to overflowing with activities that are perfectly suited to you!

Here’s what you can do as a member:

Become a part of activities and events that other members organize.
Create your own activity and invite members to join.
Join or create an activity group.
Take part in forum discussions and chat sessions.
Get free subscription credits just for creating activities or attracting new members.
Make new friends, stay in touch with old ones, party, play, eat, swim, and just have a great time with people you’re bound to enjoy!
Even if you’re so shy that you close your eyes when you see yourself naked, you’re bound to have more fun, meet more people, and do more things when you become a member!

What are the members like?
They’re people just like you. Well, not ALL of them are just like you but they DO all have the same goals in common:

Meet New People
Learn New Things
Discover New Places
Spend Quality Time With Like-Minded People
Have FUN!
You’ll meet people of all ages, from all backgrounds and with a wide variety of interests. And the best part is: You can do it all right from your computer!

Do I have to be single to join?
Not at all. is a site for socializing and having fun. It’s not a dating site (although plenty of our members end up dating each other and some end up falling in love!).

Our primary goal is to provide a powerful, yet quick and easy way for people to get together to explore new things and have fun!

Please check our subscription section for special promotions!

Why should I join?
Registering as a Social Scene’s member involves:

Join to meet other interesting people.
Join to get invited to parties.
Join to find diving, swimming, boating, tennis and skiing buddies.
Join to have great conversations.
Join to find new poker games.
Join to get off the couch and out of the house.
Join to have fun!
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How much does membership cost?
You can join for FREE and kick the tires. With a free membership you can create your member profile, read other profiles, check out the events and activities and more. You can’t contact other members unless they contact you first.

When you’re ready to take part in the full experience, you can upgrade your free membership for just $xxx

To change your email address, log on to Social Scene’s, go to the ‘My Profile’ section, click the Update my Profile tab.

Get more information right now by taking the Tour. It’s quick and easy and you can sign up when you’re done. If you’ve already taken the tour, and you’re ready to get your membership started, click here.

How do I join?
It’s quick and easy to join and it’s FREE! Just click here and follow the registration wizard.

We’ll need to know some basic information including:

Your Name
Address (hidden from other members)
Telephone Number (optional and hidden from other members)
E-mail Address
Date of Birth (18 and older only)
User Name and Password
Your Profile Information

How do I cancel my membership?
Simply log in, go to “My Profile”, click “Update Account” and then click on “Remove Account”. That’s all it takes to make you disappear from the most exciting social network we know of.

What happens after I cancel?
Once you cancel, all of your information is deleted from our system. All of your activities are deleted and members are no longer able to contact you. Your logon information will no longer work and you will have no access to the member’s area.

Your social life will take a beating as well.

What happens if one of my Activity Group owners cancels their membership?
The Activity Group status changes to inactive. The group can no longer create activities and new members cannot join.

How do I communicate with other members?
There are plenty of ways. Take your choice or use them all:

Post a message
Invite members to your activities.
Invite members to join your Activity Group.
Join activities that have been organised by other members.
Apply for membership to groups owned by other members.

How do I manage my contacts, messages and invitations?
Just log into your membership control panel and choose either the “My Contacts” or the “My Invitations” option. It’s all right there.

Can I change a group’s profile?
You can change the profile of any group that you own. Just log into your membership panel, go to the My Groups area and check the edit tab for the Group you want to change. Then just make your changes and click the submit tab. You’re done!

Why can’t I log in?
Keep in mind that your user name and password must be entered exactly the way you created them. They are case sensitive.

Click here is you still can’t log in.

How can I add a new category or sub-category for my activity?
If you’ve looked high and low and you can’t find a category or subcategory that adequately describes your activity, let us know and we’ll evaluate your request. If it’s approved, we’ll make the addition and let you know.

How do I become a Affiliate Or Trader?
Just click here for all of the information.

How do I find out about the “Hot Deals”?
Just log in and check out the Hot Deals section.

How do I resign from an activity or group?
Just log in and go to the “My Activities” or “My Groups” section. Then click on the group or activity that you want to leave and click the “leave” link. That’s all there is to it.

How do I know how many members live in my area?
Log in, go to “Find Activity Partners” and choose your geographic area from the drop-down list. Then click on “Find Member”.

I still have a question. What can I do?
Click Here and we’ll do our best to help you.