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Please use the ACTIVITY FORUM to exchange practical information about the activity. (only participants can join the forum).
disclaimer: Social Scene accepts no reponsibility for activities. Check with organizer to avoid dissapointment.

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Activity Type: Art Galleries
Suburb: Waterloo
Venue: 2 Danks st
Organizer: social-scene
Date: 2012-04-28
Time: 3:00 PM
Price Range: Between $0 and $0
It is not neccesary to Min Number of Participants: 1
Get Activity Invitation Max Number of Participants: 100
for activities marked Public/Private: public
PUBLIC Description: ASHLEY FROST Urban Patinas
Do not Post on Site: Post on site
Activity Status: Activity Open

Participant Profile
Proficiency: Doesn't Matter
Preferred Gender: Doesn't Matter
Preferred Age: Doesn't Matter
Smokers: Doesn't Matter
Drinkers: Doesn't Matter
Educational Level: Doesn't Matter
Marital Status: Doesn't Matter
Additional Information: Doesn't Matter

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