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Why Join

As our lives become more and more complex, Australians in Sydney are finding it more of a challenge to meet quality people and expand their social network. addresses this problem by providing an on-line community where people in Sydney with common interests can meet to plan events and participate in a group environment.

Whether you’re looking for new friends or new ways to get together with your existing friends, provides the answer.


Broadens your access to quality people in Sydney who share your lifestyle.

Provides direct access to social networking events and activities.

Enables you to add people to your social network who share the exact same interests as you do.

Saves time by allowing you to grow and manage your social network all in one place. 
It’s better than a dating agency if you’re single, and dating isn’t required if you’re married or in a relationship.

It’s much better than looking for friends in all the wrong places.

WHAT’S SO APPEALING ABOUT SOCIALSCENE? Beats All Of The Alternatives is highly specialized and tuned to one purpose: Expanding your social network in Sydney. Our built-in tools make it easy to create your personal profile, create new events and happenings, and respond to events and happenings created by others.

You GainHow
InexpensiveAfter initial registration, memberships can be maintained for only a few dollars a month.
Low RiskGroup activities are safer and more fun because the pressure of meeting in a one-on-one situation is eliminated. And because we’re not a dating club, there is no romantic pressure. permits access to online discussion boards, email contact groups and more, all from the convenience of your computer.
Instant ResultsAll activities and events are disseminated instantly and results can be seen within minutes after publication.
Large has potential access to 86% of the Australian Internet market, with a projected minimum of 100,000 users registered by year’s end.
Unlimited events can be open to all members regardless of their age, relationship status or geographical location.
No Social is not a dating club. We’re an organization that promotes fun in a friendly group atmosphere. Think of us as a virtual social secretary for urban professionals with busy lifestyles.
Real-Time UpdatesAll of your personal information, activities and events can be instantly updated and published any time.
No Fixed Social members can meet any time, any place and for any reason. Best of all, you can create and respond to events and meet new people right from the privacy of your home.
  • Classified Ads 
  • Personal Notice boards 
  • Online dating web sites
  • Telephone Chat lines
  • Private members-only clubs 
  • Specific activity clubs

And while combines the best attributes of these venues, it also removes all of their inefficiencies.


We’re Not Just For Singles

All that’s required for membership is the desire to expand your social network and have fun doing it. Socializing is our #1 goal, but that doesn’t mean you’re not likely to meet that special person and fall in love. However, the main difference between us and dating/relationships sites is: You don’t have to be looking for love to have fun!

This means that you have the ability to meet more people Sydney and have more fun by participating in safe and fun group activities that are member-created and member-managed.

One of the best things that members have to say about us is that it gives them the opportunity to meet new friends of the same sex without any of the connotations that go along with Men Looking For Men and Women Looking For Women.

It’s OK To Be You And Still Have Fun

When you join no one expects you to be any more than what you are. There are no romantic expectations and you don’t have to earn a certain amount of money in order to be popular. All you have to do is be willing to have fun and fun people will find you!

Low Risk – High Reward

If you do happen to be looking for a romantic partner, there’s no better way to find one than to interact with groups of people who share your exact interests.

Because there are no romantic expectations, nor any of the emotional and social complications that go along with those expectations, you’re free to be yourself and have fun doing. And, if Cupid’s arrow happens to strike you in the heart – well that’s just icing on the cake! Builds Relationships

Whether you’re looking for one-on-one or one-to-many relationships, you’ll find people who share your exact interests. You can grow your network as quickly or as slowly as you want and you can carefully select who you choose to associate with.

We provide you with all of the on-line communication tools needed to build long-lasting social and personal relationships and they’re oh so easy to use.

Ways people meetWhy they look for new waysExample
Online Dating Sites, Telephone ChatlinesHigh-RiskMembers are interested only in romantic relationships.
Classifieds, Notice BoardsLack of FlexibilityNewspapers reach a limited number of subscribers who are only within the circulation area
Social ClubsLimited AppealThe group only draws people for that one thing
Classifieds, Dating Sites, ChatlinesEmbarrassmentPeople want to sound appealing, so often they don’t tell the truth . The readership is small as limited by the size of the community and the papers distrubution. people spend upwards of $25-$100 per week trying to meet online
Social clubsInflexibleClubs don’t work unless you’re able to attend scheduled meetings at times and locations which may be inconvenient. Plus you have to be dressed and looking your best every time you attend.Events and activities must be organized and promoted far in advance of the scheduled date.
Classifieds Ads & PersonalsLack of Two-Way DialogueLimited ways to communicate other that speaking directly.
Dating services, social clubsExpensive ?The fact is, what every you do, will require an investment of time and money. This is an individual choice often based on available time and location. The more variety = more value.

We’re True Blue Aussie! is all about participating in the Australian lifestyle and appreciating all that our people and our country have to offer. Whether you were born here or you just arrived – there is no better way to take advantage of everything that’s Australian in Sydney than to do it with our members.

Click here to become a part of Good times and great friends are just a mouse click away.