Menu Close – What is it? is an online community dedicated to helping Australians in Sydney build their social network while having fun!

When you join Social you have immediate access to a network of people in Sydney who share your interests and your ideas of fun!

Even better, since we’re a social network and not a dating site, you’ll find hundreds, maybe even thousands of interesting and exciting opportunities to meet new people in Sydney and have fun doing it. We’re not a dating site so it doesn’t matter whether you’re married or single.

You could spend years hitting the clubs, entertainment venues and party scenes in Australia and still not end up meeting as many people as you can meet in one day thanks to

If you like to have fun and are looking to attend parties and events, meet new people and save money on the latest and greatest entertainment-related products and services –

As a member you can post your personal profile so people who share your interests can find you. You can also create your own events and invite others to attend, or you can respond to other people’s events whenever you want to. In fact, you can do both! Social Scene is a modern social tool kit and dating arsenal. From race days to society events, beach parties, sailing and diving weekends, BBQ’s to fine dining, fishing trips, to yachting extravaganzas. Concerts and theatre events, local and international travel. if you can imagine it, it’s probably happening somewhere and you’re invited! The group situation provides a safety net. It’s allowed me to broaden my horizons socially.

And if you have a business, is also the perfect way to reach people who love to participate in a lifestyle of fun. It’s agreat way to attract some new and unexpected customers to your business!